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Dr. Terry Hitchcock | Award Winning Author and Speaker

"Dev Garg is a wonderful human being who is very talented and certainly an asset to whatever in life he decides to focus on."

Pamela Curlee | Co-Founder SMEI/Masgutova Foundation

I had no ”fears” because I had seen Dev's work and knew it was great...that is why I wanted to work with him.

Ian Lovlie | President Edina Business Consultants

"He is very smart and knowledgeable, and has helped me in many areas. His technical skills and his knowledge of how many things function in the world of business are amazing."

Tom Karas | CEO REC-X USA

"I can say that I not only learned a great deal with Dev but also got a great value for my time.

I saw my business through a perspective that I would not normally have had the opportunity to see. Invest an hour and sit down with Dev and see what he thinks he can do for you."

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